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The risk associated with mixed use retail/residential developments cannot be understated. The complexities from design to execution and delivery of such a project have many inherent risks that if not handled successfully, can create properties that can be difficult to manage or in a worst-case scenario, lead to litigation. With proper planning and execution, virtually all of these risks may be mitigated. The nature of these types of projects requires a system capable of adapting to changes in infrastructure. 
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A well-defined scope of responsibility 
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With a properly planned design and with the appropriate technology in place you can be assured that all the things that keep a developer up at night for mixed-use developments have been addressed.

What customers are saying...

 “Halton has delivered on all our project requirements. From design conception, to working through installation challenges, to the actual delivery and functionality of systems, the company has been a steady and cooperative partner in the delivery of this successful project. The operation of the retail venues and the co-existence of the residential spaces have functioned side-by-side without any complaints or issues. The odor abatement technology that Halton delivered has opened up our design thinking as we now know that retail and residential can peacefully reside together. We look forward to our continued partnership with Halton.” - Major Property Developer 

“Ancora Ambleside, the second location of the acclaimed Ancora Waterfront Dining & Patio, represents a modern design offering a fine dining experience in the picturesque setting of Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver. The beauty of this location means that it is also a very appealing place to live so Ancora shares its building with a number of ultra-luxury condominium suites directly above. This presents a specific and challenge in managing the effluent that is discharged from our kitchen. No one wants to constantly smell cooking odors in his/her home, even from a kitchen producing haute cuisine. To mitigate this risk our design consultants specified the Halton Odor Critical Carbon Panel module with odor sensor and Pollustop technology. This system is giving us the results we expect and require; no odor complaints from our neighbors or patrons. We are pleased with its performance.” - Marco Pegoraro, Project Manager Vioggio Hospitality Group Inc. (April 2019)

“Earl’s Restaurant at Ambleside is in a beautiful, but challenging location. Our restaurant must coexist with residential properties above us. That means we must ensure that we vigorously manage the discharge of our kitchen ventilation system. We chose Halton’s Odor Critical UV/Carbon module with odor sensor and Pollustop system. The system has performed as advertised and our guests as well the residents above have not identified any nuisance odors from our facility. We are pleased with the outcome.”
- Alex Dowell, Director or Construction and Facilities for Earls Kitchen + Bar

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Halton Group is the global technology leader in indoor air solutions for demanding spaces. The company develops and provides solutions for commercial and public premises, healthcare institutions and laboratories, professional kitchens and restaurants as well as energy production environments and marine vessels. Halton’s mission is to provide its end-users with safe, comfortable and productive indoor environments that are energy-efficient and comply with sustainable principles.

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White Paper Includes: 

  • The Challenge
  • Developer’s Perspective 
  • Decision Making 
    • Base Building Requirements, 
      Infrastructure flexibility 
    • Filtration Needs
    • Cooking Odor Mitigation
    • Fire Risk Mitigation and 
      Fire System Requirements 
    • Tenant Package 
    • Putting it all together
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A guide to successfully integrating food service venues with residential properties and avoiding odor issues in Mixed-Use developments!

  • Infrastructure Flexibility

  • Filtration Needs

  • Odor Mitigation

  • Fire Risk 

  • Tenant & Developer Responsibility
  • Tenant Requirements
    • Tenant Kitchen Exhaust System Scope
    • Defined Scope of work and responsibilities
    • Tenant Exhaust System Fit-Out Requirements
    • Tenant Lease Agreement for 
      Exhaust Systems

Commercial Kitchen Ventilation in Mixed-Use Developments